Water Softeners

For better water that fits every home and every budget, look to DuMor Water Specialists. We offer a range of products and approaches to provide your family with a continuous supply of soft, clean water. Ask us which water softener will work for you.

Kinetico Premier Series

Premier Series Water Softeners

Kinetico Premier Series water softeners are the ultimate water conditioning solution. Engineered to tackle your tough water challenges, Premier Series water softeners work more efficiently and reliably without electrical components or computers that need to be set, adjusted, repaired or replaced. Designed with today's demanding households and larger plumbing in mind, Premier Series softeners deliever generous flow rates without forfeiting water softness.

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Kinetico Signature Series

Signature Series Water Softeners

Kinetico Signature Series water softeners are modeled after our original twin tank, non-electric water softeners that have been solving the water problems of millions of people worldwide for decades. The beauty of a Signature Series water softener is its ability to monitor your water use and regenerate (clean) only when needed. If you use a lot of water, your water softener will regenerate more, or it may not regenerate for several days if water usage is low. Kinetico Signature Series is reliable, economical and the perfect fit in many homes.

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Kinetico Essential Series

Kinetico Essential Series

Kinetico Essential softeners operate using water power, not electricity. No more setting, adjusting or repairing, and no more headaces. Essential Series softeners are a great option for basic hard water challenges. Like other Kinetico softeners, these systems monitor your water usage and regenerate (clean) themselves only when necessary. The rapid regeneration occurs in a fraction of the time it takes other softeners to come back into service. Less salt, less water, less money, and less hassle!

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AquaKinetic Water Softeners

Designed to keep pace with your household's water needs, the AquaKinetic water softener delivers a continuous supply of clean water. Its patented non-electric valve and dual tanks stay online 24/7 with no timers or computers to set, adjust, repair or replace. AquaKinetic water softeners come with a 5-year warranty on all parts.

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Powerline Water Softeners

The electric Powerline water softener economically eliminates hard water spots, mineral deposits, scale buildup, iron stains and soap scum. It features an easy-to-use 12-day calendar clock to set its automatic regeneration and is covered by a 1-year warranty on all parts.

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Kinetico 4040 Water Softener 

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